About PES

Pannone Engineering Services, LLC (PES) is a privately owned company that was founded in February of 1991. PES specializes in the design, testing and installation of on-site water and waste water systems. PES performs engineering ... More

Completed Projects

PES has had the pleasure of working with individuals and companies across the great State of Alaska. Aside from designing and installing over 60% of the private septic systems in the Municipality of Anchorage we have... More

Structural Inspections

PES has added the ability to conduct home inspections to it offered services. Our inspector is not only a former Alaska registered Home Inspector, but is also a Civil/Structural Engineer which brings you a higher quality inspection ... More

Request Information / Services

Do you have specific questions regarding your project? Do you have a project you are ready to begin on? Do you need a COSA? Is your septic system failing? Let us know, we can help ... More

Frequently Asked Questions

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The design, installation and maintenance of a septic system can be a bit more involved than most people are aware. State requirements for the purchase/sale of a home include the septic system and certain testing. Find answers to commonly asked questions here! ... More

What We Do

Some of the services provided by PES

  • Civil Engineering
  • Structural Engineering
  • Environmental Engineering
  • Sanitary Surveys
  • Onsite Water/Wastewater Design
  • Structural Inspections / Design

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